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The California Reading Association

     Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California
Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

Area Directors and Council Presidents

CRA Area Map

Area 1

Carla Peterson (2018)
     Gateway CouncilAnne Seil (2017)
     Lake Mendocino Reading CouncilJoann O Neill (2017)
     Marin Area Reading Council(open)
     Tehama County Reading CouncilKarla Stroman (2017)

Area 2

Jody Anderson (2017)
     Jesse Wardlaw Williams (Chico)Sunday Cummins (2017)
     Placer Area Reading CouncilKristin Cox (2017)
     Sacramento Area Reading Assoc.Judy Miranda (2017)
     San Joaquin County Reading Assoc.Gayle Watkins (2017)

Area 3

Lauren Pomrantz (2019)
     Alameda County Reading Assoc.Sandy DeMuri (2017)
     Contra Costa Reading AssociationLynn Gurnee (2017)
     San Mateo County Reading Assoc.Susan Mickiewicz (2017)
     Santa Clara County Reading CouncilLisa Mata (2017)
     Santa Cruz County Reading AssociationJessica Middour (2017)

Area 4

Pamela Fisher (2019)
     Kern Reading AssociationBrenda Russell (2017)
     Madera Area Reading CouncilNancy Akhavan (2017)
     Stanislaus Reading CouncilRon Boren (2017)
     Tulare County Reading Council(open)

Area 5

Rene Hohls (2019)
     CA Professors of Reading/Lang. Arts(open)
     San Luis Obispo County Reading Assoc.Meredith Larson (2017)
     Ventura County Reading AssociationRene Hohls (2018)

Area 6

Lorenza Yarnes (2017)
     Orange County Reading Assoc.Heather Bosworth (2017)
     San Gabriel Valley Reading CouncilRene Gaudet (2017)

Area 7

Penny Cline (2019)
     Eastern Mojave Literacy CouncilTerry Rogers (2017)
     Greater San Diego Reading Assoc.Masami Jenkins (2017)
     Inland Empire Reading CouncilJeanne Gahagan (2017)
     Mountain Desert CouncilAudrey Fleming (2017)


     Institutional/Library Membership(open)
     Out of State(open)
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 EUREKA! Nonfiction Children's Book Awards

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American Literacy Corporation
$2000 "Outstanding Contributions to Literacy" award
$500 to CRA Council that nominates a winning K-8 educator